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surreyman | 14:12 Tue 27th May 2008 | Technology
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I have a Sony Vaio desktop. When i turn it on i get a screen asking me if i want to start Windows normally (with a 30 second countdown) when i enter it goes back to exactly the same screen after a few seconds. I have tried entering with all the other on screen options (start in safe mode etc) with the same results. Any ideas how i get past this screen ?


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Having spoken to a couple of guys at work who have also had the same problem it seems i have probably picked up some malicious bug somewhere and will need de-buqqering. As the computer is nearly six years old now (fairly ancient in computer terms) it might be a case of out with the old and in with the new. Thanks for the advice anyway.
You've made me smile - *********** indeed!

Can't help you, sorry, but it may be worth restoring to factory default as a last resort - you will lose all your files though.
if it won't even start in safe mode the option you really have is to put the windows CD in the drive and attempt to repair the windows installation.

To do this put the CD in the drive, restart the computer and when it prompts you to press any key to boot from cd press any key. then at the first blue screen that you get options hit enter to install windows, don't hit R for repair at this point. I can't remember the exact details but at one of the subsequent screens you will have the option to repair the existing windows installation, select this option and windows will attempt to repair itself.

Obviously nothing is 100% certain but doing this should result in your windows installation being repaired and coming back to life with all data, programs and setting just as they where before.
hehe, that made me smile too, don't think I ever heard the phrase de-buqqering used before :)

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Start up problems

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