Can't transfer podcasts to ipod???

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BrookeBond | 22:38 Tue 29th Apr 2008 | Technology
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I have quite a few podcasts in my itunes library and normally i transfer them over to my ipod no problem. Tonight though it's not letting me transfer them over - i've still got enough space on the ipod and i've tried transferring a song so the problem just seems to be with podcasts (from radio 2) - i've tried resetting my ipod but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Go into your iPod's podcast settings (one of the tabs available when you plug your iPod in).

Is it set to copy all podcasts, or just new ones, or...?
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I've been manually transferring them over just because there's not enough memory in my ipod to 'sync' them. I've downloaded a new one today to itunes and it's transferred to my ipod but it seems my older ones don't transfer over anymore - do you think there's like a time-limit set by radio 2 or something? sorry, i'm a bit thick when it comes to technology.
No should be fine. Once you have it, you can do what you want with it.
When there is more stuff in iTunes than can fit on the iPod, it makes a selection for you, leaving stuff off.
You can be selective yourself by unclicking items in iTunes to not sync with your ipod. They will still be in your iTunes library on your computer.
A professional ipod transfer can help you transfer your iPod files to iPod, computer and iTunes.

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1.It can backup your iPod files to computer and tranfer music/video/photos from local files to iPod without iTunes.
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Can't transfer podcasts to ipod???

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