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tony mcscaff | 00:43 Sat 26th Apr 2008 | Technology
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printer not working having fed paper too thin for my printer (an old one LASERJET 5L)AND JAMMING IT UP I thought I had cleared the jam there seems no sign of any other paper inside yet it wont print and just keeps flashing on and off about refreshing the document and other time saying there is a paper jam it moves between 2 documents flashing on both when I open the printers and fax menu any ideas its only happened since the earlier jam.I have uninstalled it and reinstalled with all the proper drivers but still no luck !Also tried to restore to an earlier time but even thats not working correctly will not let me pick an earlier date to reinstore too!Any one out there HELP.Does not even print test paper will not draw in the paper ,before it just required you to manually feed the paper in and it triggered the ready green light on and done the biz however as much as I try the green light does not react or light up ,I have also reset the printer to factory defaults without no luck


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Since it hasn't worked since your paper jam, I would still suspect that as your cause rather than a software problem. There will be one or more paper sensors within your printer and it only takes a tiny piece torn off the corner of a sheet to activate it and make the printer think there is a jam. Also, because you were using thin paper, a sheet may have concertina'd up into a very small strip that is not easily seen.

I would thoroughly check out the innards of your printer and hopefully you will find the offending scrap of paper.
Printers are cheap enough nowadays. Out with the old etc,etc.
old ... OLD???
my 4plus is still in it's first flush of youth!

switch it off ... and leave it for at least 15 mins

take out all paper trays and toner
then go wash your hands - dry them well
then with your shiny pink digits try to turn any and every roller you can reach (at least 1 full turn)

I suspect that your rollers are also dirty ... you need a very lightly dampened cloth to clean them.

do them 3 or 4 times (give it a few seconds to soften the muck ... then repeat)

allow 10 mins (minimum) to dry ... then give it a go.
(try printing a test sheet before re-connecting to pc)
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Thanks for all the suggestions particulary gen2 and ACtheTROLL however having tried all the suggestions no luck so its looks like I will have to get another printer ,I did love this old one and will keep an eye on ebay for another because I have at least 3 sealed cartridges for them Cheers
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