What the heck have i done to the wireless adapter?

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dabees | 21:26 Tue 22nd Apr 2008 | Technology
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My girlfriends laptop had an issue with the mains input, after some checking i put it down to a dry joint on the PCB.

I dismantled the laptop and found the guilty dry joint and repaired it successfully. I then put it all back together and powered it up. Problem sorted, all programs, software and hardware are working except the wireless adapter.

The laptop is a Packard Bell Easynote R4622 running XP home edition service pack 2, the wireless adapter is a Ralink RT2500. If i go into the drivers section it says everything is working fine, but it's clearly not.

I reinstalled the driver from the Packard Bell site, but still can't get it working.

Do you wise people have any suggestions?



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If reporting all ok - I'm guessing you've left the aerial disconnected
generaly it's in the screen bit ... so there will be a 1.5-2mm wire with a gold spade end on the mobo end (base)
that feeds up into the screen ... (not familiar with that model but generaly it's the end opposite to the one you worked on ;(.

if you've got no signal when near or next to router ... its probably the base .... if you can get juce ... it's the screen.

muppet! ;-)
(it's the first law of hardware ... you only find out after it's back together).
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The Ariel is safely connected AC, the PC has 2 connections. One marked Main and one marked Aux.

I've tried both settings, but neither work.
Aerial disconnected would be my guess too, however even if the built in wireless card/aerial or that part of mainboard is really damaged and will not work look at it this way, a PCMCIA or USB wireless adaptor is going to be far cheaper than the repair bill you would have had to pay if you'd taken it to in to most places to fix that dry joint so get another wireless adaptor of some sort and your still quids in.
I think marky is both sensible and right ... unless of course you are as stubborn as I am .... hp?i=topic_02218&ppn=PB17D01401
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Marky's answer is indeed the sensible one, but like you AC i'm a stubborn begger.

I know i've not damaged anything directly and will not rest till i've worked this out. I just know it's something simple i'm overlooking.

Failing that i''l lose my rag with the laptop and end up testing it's aerodynamic qualities. ;-)

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What the heck have i done to the wireless adapter?

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