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TramMan | 22:59 Thu 20th Mar 2008 | Technology
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My PC has trouble booting. I have Windows XP (home addition). I've tried lots of things, like starting up in 'safe mode', scanning my hard drive, getting dust out of my tower, restoring to a previous date. Still takes several starts before the thing will actually stay on. Any ideas out there please? It may have a lot to do with the fact that I cannot get my Windows updates to download, no matter what I try. Also I used to be able to get 3-D on Google Earth with my graphics card, but now can only get 2-D. I got a message that 'Hardware acceleration' was not found. This may be helpful in clues to my overall problem.


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I had a similar problem a while back, it took me ages to find the problem. I eventually traced it to a driver problem.

Try updating the driver for your graphics card, it worked for me. But one of the great users on here, who has better computer knowledge will no doubt point you in the right direction.
Hi tram.
Next time you get up and running do a little check. Go to start/control panel/system/hardware/device manager and see if all's ok. No red crosses or yellow question marks etc.
Go to start/run type in msconfig and press enter. click on the startup tab and see what is loading automatically. Google anything you're not sure on and uncheck anything you don't need. DO NOT uncheck any system commands unless certain.
Updates might be disabled in services but do the above first
A bit more info on you're pc might be helpful as well.

Post back and let us know.
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Hi Sparko33

I only got part way through your instructions, and came up with a yellow warning in my Device Manager. The problem driver is: AMD Processor Driver. It asks me for a path to be typed in to find the file 'AmdK8.sys'. I don't know the path to type here, so I'm stumped at present. Can you help please?


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Thank you for your input dabees, which I am going to take on board, once I've sorted this problem out with my AMD Processor Driver. Thank you again, I'll post the results when sorted with some info. that will benefit anyone with the same or similar probs.
Should be here tram.
Do you have 32 or 64 bit xp?
From what i could find out, the driver is part of Amd's cool & quiet set up which basically reduces cpu and fan speed when there is little load on cpu.
Try uninstalling from add/remove progs then reboot and reinstall, or update from device manager.
If really stuck try here
and see how you get on.

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