Laptop Speaker description term?

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ans123 | 23:37 Tue 18th Mar 2008 | Technology
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In the description of many laptop speaker products (Mainly on Amazon), at the end of the description will usually be: (2.0) or (2.1), sometimes (5.1).

What do these mean? I searched wiki etc but can't get an answer.

I thank you.


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Or if you'd rather have an answer in pictures (which should be fairly self-explanatory), here's a 5.1 system: 57-6751205iSPA67UC326383X.jpg

This is 2.1: 57-6754817A69UC463806X.jpg

and this is 2.0: 750921SPA66UC293762X.jpg

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Thankyou my friends........but what has discombobulated me is these two descriptions: dia-Speaker-System/dp/B00069ZEA6/ref=pd_sbs_ce _title_2 -210-Speakers-2-0/dp/B000BZD1ZK/ref=pd_sbs_ce_ title_20

??? They both seem the same set-up yet one is a (2.0) and the tother is a (2.1) !
It appears to be nothing more than a simple typo by someone at Amazon.

Both illustrations look as if '2.1' should apply and Googling 'logitech x-210' brings up loads of dealers selling that system. Everyone, except Amazon, describes the system as '2.1'

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First number before the dot is the number of speakers.

Number after the dot is the sub-woofer.

Usually, you have two speakers, left and right, for stereo sound. You could get 4, to have two front and two back for surround sound.

Then you'd often get a sub-woofer, which handles all the deep bass (since your brain can't detect where these deep sounds come from, so you make it separate and put it anywhere).

To sum up:

2.0 = regular stereo speakers
4.0 = surround sound

2.1 = stereo with sub-woofer for bass
4.1 = surround sound with sub-woofer

And you also mention a 5.1. You've guessed by now that this includes a sub-woofer. But it also has an extra speaker in addition to the normal 4.1 setup, which sits right above or below the screen, and outputs dialogue. You don't really want people's voices in a film coming from the left or right of you, when they're on screen in front of you. So you put another one just above or below the screen, making 5.1.

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Laptop Speaker description term?

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