Windows Media Player for Windows XP

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Stevie | 22:47 Fri 25th Jan 2008 | Technology
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Hi folks

Was wondering if any of you have experienced the same problem I'm having with Windows Media Player and, if you did, what you did to resolve it ....

Whenever I'm attempting to watch short videos or movie preview clips, the video is 'disjointed' ... stop/starts, kinda freezes at a frame then leaps ahead to another frame while the soundtrack plays fine in the background ....

I've tried removing the player and re-installing it but got the same problem after it was re-installed ....

Any suggestions, perhaps an alternative player ?

Thanks folks.



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Have you got enough RAM? Have you tried shutting down as many other programs as you possibly can?
Do you use broadband or dial-up? If you use dial-up then it's very common to that happen.
If it's streaming (downloading) slower than play speed you will get this problem. Press the pause button for a few minutes to give it a chance to stream more, then press play.

Then you won't be playing catch up.
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Hi Ethel and Figure

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

As you say Ethel, it could be a memory problem as I've tried saving the video clips and playing them back and the same thing happens .... however, I'll give your idea of pausing during downloading a try ....

To answer your question Figure, I use broadband ....

Thank you both very much again ....


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Windows Media Player for Windows XP

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