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tickledtrout | 18:27 Fri 25th Jan 2008 | Technology
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Can anyone give me any advice on Hard Drive Recorders? I currently have sky+ but refuse to pay another �65 to have them come out and mend it. I have a freeview TV and would if poss like to record two channels at once etc, like you can with sky.


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There are plenty on the market - here is a guide from Channel 5's The Gadget Show 401&featureid=481&show=s7e4§ion=Features
PVR's are a strange thing to decided upon, We have had a Humax 9200 for about 15 months now and have no problems with it, in fact on our recomendation several friends have brought them too and are really pleased, you can record two programs at once and if the programs aren't on the same band you can watch a third.

My brother decided he didn't want to pay the cost for the Humax and has had two different PVR's (both now money refunded) which both developed problems within a month or so.

My advice go for a Humax.
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Thanks both had never heard of Humax, exactly like Sky without the �600 fee. Know we won't have as many channels but looked at what I record over the week and all I will miss out on is living and sky1
I am waiting for a release of an update to the 3 year old hard drive recorder I have. It's big advantage is that it plays dvds and burns to dvd disk, too, if I want to save the recording or watch it on another dvd player.

I can't find one similar that has twin digital tuners. Surely there is one out there?
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Just seen a statement from humax that says update due between the 14th and 28th Jan, looks quite impressive really
The OTA (over the air) upgrade has happened, ours was about a week ago, but the beauty of Humax is they put the updates on the web site.

Think Humax are now dowing a 320Gb version.

There are quite a few PVRs out there at the moment, but only a few have the twin tuner facility which is IMO essential. This website compares most of the current crop of PVRs available. The Dewoo and Sagem models tested on the Gadet show are the same as those on this comparison list but with lager hard drives (250 Gb and 160GB)

Having looked at the cheaper models including those from Argos and Aldi ( both only single tuner ) and read a few reviews I went for the Humax and think it's a really good machine, very simple to use and intuitive.

If you find you need to keep your recordings long term though you may be better off getting a DVD recorder with hard drive. This will give you the flexibity to watch programmes in a timeshifted state as well as keeping programmes short term on the hard drive.

Another good place to judge what other users are saying about the machines they own is Digital Spy Forums. Lots of comments about the use and performance of many different PVRs. y.php?s=0a7ce3d21cb5d322e49dfdd246f23d6d&f=90

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