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Hellyon | 12:50 Mon 21st Jan 2008 | Technology
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I'm sure this has been bought up before apologies if this is the case. I currently get my digital signal through freeview, I have an analogue aerial as my local aerial installer advised that if we were getting a signal leave well alone as sometimes digital aerial produced a weaker signal. ( Have no reason to doubt him as he missed out on a �200 sale based on his advice)

However in the last 6 month the signal breaks up in all sorts of weather conditions, also when certain cars are running their engines outside the house. It also means the EPG in the digital recorder keeps losing it's info and has resulted in missing some episodes from 'series' record. Also no guarantee that a programme will record anymore if you use the EPg as a it drops the info.

Is this a common problem would installing a better aerial fix the problem?

Also the freeview box tunes into the wrong local station and I can no longer get the local news.


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The clue is in your last paragraph. Your aerial is pointing the wrong way and picking up the wrong transmitter. This may have been fine for terrestial but is not good enough for digital.

However, if your area is not yet fully digital (analogue switched off) the digital transmitter will not be running at full power. So it should improve in the future.

Contact your aerial company again for advice - they will be well aware of conditions in your area, and it seems they are not out to make a quick profit regardless of need.
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Thanks Ethel - You're right my aerial faces the Hannigton transmitter but our local news is sent by the Isle of Wight transmitter - trouble is the signal for most stations is too weak to be effective from the IOW so I get signal from Hannington, BUT I used to be able to tune the anologue TV to the IOW and so watch the local news but with digital it just won't tune in so I can't get it at all.
Just to add, you could try a signal booster which you plug in. Usually cheap, less than �20. I used one for my PC freeview tuner, and it worked fine. I still use the analogue aerial installed 40 years ago for my current freeview.

Also, my freeview box can go a bit loopy of it's own accord sometimes, so try a re-install of channels.

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