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mali | 21:07 Sat 05th Jan 2008 | Technology
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Hi. If someone wants to "piggyback" my broadband connection by using a wireless modem from my computer to get a connection to their computer in a house nextdoor..what are the pros and cons ?? Am I worse off. Is it safe ?


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Of course it's not safe. Apart from access to your network, what happens if they download kiddy porn on your account? You might be able to prove it in court, but good luck not having your life ruined in the meantime. Also, if they can access form next door so can anyone else inthe vicinity.
The main cons for you are they will be using a service you are paying for, your bandwidth will be reduced (slower surfing and upload / download times) and your computer security will be compromised.

The pros are all for them, free broadband, free to surf and do whatever they like online possibly illegal stuff (which will land at your door as it's you who is registered with the ISP not them).

So basically don't do it as it's not secure and you will be worse off.
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OK i get the picture. I thought it sounded like a bad idea in the first place, thanks for the conformation

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