Moving from Outlook Express to Outlook

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tinkerbells | 11:11 Fri 04th Jan 2008 | Technology
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Hello all you clever IT peeps (I'm clearly not one of them). I have been using Outlook Express on XP for a few years and would now like to move to Outlook. I don't want to lose my directories as I have all my emails filed nicely away, nor do I want to change my email address (NTL). I have got Outlook and went into it - I was prompted "Do you want to change the default to Outlook for all News items?" I don't know what "News" items are but said yes anyway! Well so far so good - all my addresses are in contact book (but no email folders). However, the big but is this ---- there is no option for new email - either to create or send one - although all the other icons/menus look present and correct. Has anyone come across this before please and if so, how do I go ahead? Many thanks for your help xxx


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Make sure Outlook Express is shut down then open Outlook. Then click FILE, and then IMPORT / EXPORT then select INTERNET MAIL & ADDRESSES then follow the on-screen prompts. When you have imported all your mail, then you can click the same import/export function again, but this time choose to import the mail account settings.
First you should know that Outlook Express and Outlook are NOT the same product (although similar).

For example Outlook Express has a news reader (hence the question you got). A newsreader is used for looking at forums etc. If you DONT do this then no problem, but note that Outlook does NOT have a newsreader.

Also, it is VERY difficult (almost impossible) to set Outlook up so that it can look at two different people's e-mails, whereas you can easily do this with Outlook Express. If you only ever look at one persons e-mails with Outlook then again no problem.

Outlook DOES have a calendar, which Outlook Express does not, but apart from that I doubt you see much difference.
I have split this reply into two parts as it wont let me put it in as a single reply.

I see you use NTL (I use Telewest now Virgin).

Normally when you look at your e-mails they are downloaded from the server to your PC (and deleted off the server).

So threfore the only copy of all your emails is on your PC.

Did you know you can easily setup Outlook Express (and I assume Outlook) to leave a copy of your e-mails on the server so you always have a copy there.

Do it as follows (see next append):


Logon to Outlook Express.

Select Tools then Accounts.

Choose the Mail tab.

Within the window select the "row" for you e-mail account (you probably only have one)

Press the Properties button.

Select the Advanced tab

At the bottom select "Leave a copy of messages on server".

You can also select "Remove from server when deleted from Deleted Items"

Press all the "OKs" to save your changes.

Now all future e-mails you get will stay on the server until you delete them. (It is too late for you "old" e-mails I am afraid).

That way if your PC crashes, or you want to move your e-mail client to another PC or laptop you can do it easily and still keep your e-mails as you know they are on the server.
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Thanks everyone for your help. Will go and try all these suggestions. Thank goodness for Answerbank!! xxx

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Moving from Outlook Express to Outlook

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