TV DVD/VIDEO Connections

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merlin58 | 17:37 Sat 22nd Dec 2007 | Technology
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Can anyone explain how I connect a Samsung LCD TV and a Panasonic DVD/Video player?

Its ages since I set anything like this up and I am unsure as to if I need only an Scart lead or a Scart lead and HDMI cable?

Keep it simple as I am a real plank at these things.

Thanks in advance.


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you only need the HDMI if both devices have the sockets, It supeceds the SCART which is years old now
Try this website for connections. HDMI will only apply if your tv is HD ready rd.html
without wishing to contradict 'pug100' the HDMI will work with all digital video/audio systems. It was a development five years ago from the DVI link which needed a separate audio link. Why it is used exclusively with HD links is because it is the only link that can handle the 'data rates' necessary with HDTV.

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TV DVD/VIDEO Connections

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