Problems with Vodafone UK signal?

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carterb | 15:16 Thu 29th Nov 2007 | Technology
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Does anyone know if Vodafone are having major problems with their signal for mobiles? Not sure if it is a localised thing (I am in the North East of England) but quite a few times now and all last night / today I have had no signal on my mobile.

I switched it off and on and it asked me to request a service provider and Vodafone were not even on the service provider list, have tried ringing Vodafone and been put on hold. It is getting really frustrating.

Can anyone help or is anyone else having this problem?

Many Thanks


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I live in Yorkshire and am having no trouble with Vodafone at the moment.
Im ok in Manchester..
You could try rubbing your sim card with a rubber this might help or just wipe with a dry cloth.............
i'm having the same problem! i live in east yorkshire and i'm on vodafone, and since yesterday morning i've had no signal whatsoever. i normally always have full signal usually wherever i am but since yesterday i can't get any anywhre! i've taken out the sim card put it back in switched my phone on and off but nothing's happened. i know quite a few people who are on vodafone and have full signal. i was wondering if there's a chance i've broke my phone? or if it's just vodafone?
I live in Devon and i have not had signal for 3 days now n it is driving me mad
Live in West Sussex Very Poor Signal (if at all)
Not usually any problems!

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Problems with Vodafone UK signal?

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