Using home electrical wiring as LAN for internet etc

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matt_london | 14:36 Wed 21st Nov 2007 | Technology
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Is it true that you can use the electrical wiring in your house as a local network and transfer data, such as the internet, from one device to another?


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My BT Vision box does exactly this. It has to be connected to the Home Hub provided for BT Broadband etc but it isn't actually plugged into it directly,it uses the household wiring system and two adaptors,one plugs into the hub and the other into the set top box.
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Whats to stop the signal travelling out of your house and into your neighbours? (apologies if this is a stupid question!)
There is no signal - it goes through your wiring circuit through the mains electricity to your plugs.
Your electricity comes through the mains into your circuit box, from which all your electricity supply goes around your house.

Unless your neighbour is connected to your circuit box (there not because you would be paying for their electricity) it is impossible for them to connect to your homehub.,

This is the advantage over a wireless network - which can transmit outside your own four walls.
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But whats to stop it going out past my circuit box and onto the main power supply cables for the whole road and then into someone elses house?
Because it is on YOUR side of the circuit, not the street side.

Your circuits are a closed circle, so it would be impossible.
Erm... if the circuit is a closed circle, how does the electricity get in?

And there is most definitely a signal which is superimposed onto the mains frequency.

The units use data encryption and are secured in a way similar to that of a wireless network.
Sorry Ethel, on re-reading that, it sounds a bit sarky, which it wasn't meant to - more "gentle diggy" :-)
The electricity comes from the mains to your circuit board - the box every home has.

The circuits from that box are closed - I think they are called 'ring mains' because they are a ring.

Homeplug wouldn't work in my home, because the upstairs plugs are on their own circuit,and the downstairs plugs are on a different circuit.

I have tried to give a simple but truthful answer - it is definitely more secure than a wireless network.

If you don't take steps, then your home network can indeed be seen by all other electricity users connected to your substation. Your network will have a filter (choke) to stop this happening. It is also encrypted. Google X10 for some fascinating reading.
Im impressed at your technology prowess whiffey!, you must look at my answers in motoring :D
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Yes, knobbynonut, I understood what she was trying to say, but of course, a ring main is not actually closed! It's just a bunch of parallel wiring which is connected to the board at both ends rather than at one, and there is nothing to prevent the signal from crossing the board. I would guess that Ethel's upstairs wiring is on a different phase.
Hi...intrigued by the various answers on this subject....If you do a 'Google search' using 'electrical wiring LAN' there is plenty on the subject.
Any RF transmission will along any wire connected to it,unless it is blocked by a filter
The systems that are available for use in 'home wiring' get their protection by encryption
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Using home electrical wiring as LAN for internet etc

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