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Ice-Maiden | 21:50 Mon 05th Nov 2007 | Technology
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remotely infected my computer? I do scans every week, and use AVG plus others to check for viruses, plus SB for checking spyware applications. Everything usually runs smoothly, but now I've lost most of my bookmarks and other stuff. The question I've posted is because of a remark that someone made to me in a chat recently, and it struck a chord! I'm going to have the drivers wiped completely and start again (stupidly I kept no back-up to stored info), but I understand that someone would be able to actually see me if they wanted to? Help please.


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More info please - operating system and browser would be helpful.

Apart from losing your bookmarks what else has happened?

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Only Windows XP on here I'm afraid Ethel - and F/Fox. I'm unable to locate the majority of my bookmarked stuff, and it was even difficult to check my mail. Had to access it in a different way to usual, and I'm scared everything'll just disappear altogether. I've got space left, but there's something else as well, which I can't tell you on here. This computer's very important to me, for work and all sorts, and like a fool I haven't kept a back-up of info! Not very pc-literate I'm afraid, so it's difficult to explain properly. Thanks.
Glad you have firefox - this should be a simple fix. Firefox had a major update recently and it had an error that caused problems as you describe.

It has been sorted now, so download it again - no need to uninstall - and you should find your bookmarks are restored and everything is back to normal.

Let us know if this fixes it. You may need to reboot.

You can always email me at

[email protected]
have you tried using roll back? (you can find it in windows help)

if not then check your anti-virus for a recovery agent, if not you can also buy software that can recover information.

if you have work ect on the computer, then backing up your work onto a disc is paramount, I back up all my uni essays and coursework as a matter of urgency!!

you never know when something dodgy may happen to your pc
or ethels answer ;D
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Thanks Cazzz - I know I was stupid not to use back up. I WAS warned - but I'm hopeless with technology, & doubt I'd have a clue how to even use one of those flash disc thingies, which'd mean scanning what I needed to put back in, in case I was just reinfecting the works with anything. Doh - but cheers. Ethel - that's also very kind of you. i've made a note of stuff, and hopefully I'll be able to let you know what's what. This is the NICE part about AB isn't it. lots of helpful people around.

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