Total loss of sound/volume control

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melody2002 | 21:16 Mon 14th Jun 2004 | Technology
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I have windows ME. Yesterday, sound completely gone. it's not showing volume gone into start>settings>control panel>sounds and multimedia and in 'audio' it states NO playback devices or recording devices. My volume knob on keyboard and mute button do nothing. Does anyone know how to resolve?


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Do you have sound card errors in the device manager?
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Thanks for the answer only, how do I get into 'device manager?' what is it, and where is it?
Right click the my computer icon > properties then the device manager tab. There should be no yellow exclamation marks or red crosses (or question marks for that matter).
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Thanks. Done that, and no, there's no exclamations or crosses or question marks. What should I do now!?
I would uninstall the sound card from the device manager then reboot and let it find the drivers again.
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Hi. It's very kind of you to keeping helping me like this. Ok, I've gone into Device Manager. However, there is nothing their named 'sound card.' All I have that has the word 'sound' is "sound, video and game controllers." Shall I delete this? Thanks again.
Your device manager should look like this: Click the + to the left of sound, video and game controllers to view the sound card you have installed. You can right-click the sound card and uninstall it. If you have no sound card then it is faulty, since Windows should detect it and try to load drivers for it.
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Hi, Have clicked on the - at the side and the only thing under sound, video and game controllers is:- HID-compliant game controller. This is there five times and nothing else!
Well highlight each of them in turn and select remove. Then reboot and see whether the drivers are installed again. If necessary point the wizard to the c:\windows\inf directory (which is hidden so you may want to ensure all hidden files and folders are visible).
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Hi, Right, have delete the five HID thingies. Re-booted. But where do I 'find' Wizard to locate c:\windows\inf directory? I went into 'Add New Hardware>Manufacturers' Is what I need in their? Thanks so much.
It is the found new hardware wizard and you use the "have disk" option then point it to the inf directory. What does the device manager look like now? If there are question marks then use the reinstall driver option and use the "have disk" and point to the inf folder. There should not be 5 game ports: that is for sure. If there are then remove them and follow the previous instructions.
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Hi, Where do I find this 'Find New Hardware' wizard? I'm sorry I don't know too much! I'm so grateful for your help

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Total loss of sound/volume control

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