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Whiskery Ron | 10:09 Wed 03rd Oct 2007 | Technology
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Hi Ethel. From your answer to my posting re emails(02/10/07) I have opened a gmail account,unfortunately I can't remember how to put my other email accs into gmail ( Please can you help.Ron. TIA.


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Have a look at this - with gmail you simply enter the email address and password. l=en&answer=21288

As far as I am aware - and I look forward to other's opinions - hotmail's free email is no longer supported by pop3 and cannot be used in conjunction with mail fetchers such as Outlook or gmail. This is because hotmail want you to access hotmail directly and read all the adverts.

Tis true Ethel

Cannot add my account to my gmail one

Microsoft = big brother! Can't do this, can't do that, grrr

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Ethel.Thanks success.Ron.

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