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Whiskery Ron | 21:44 Wed 05th Sep 2007 | Technology
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Is it possible to use a Sky Digibox to receive Free to Air progs in another room using co-axial cable( which carries the Sky progs to another tv via an aerial amp)WR.


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I'm not certain what you are asking
free to air ...
sky transmits all the FTA progs .... so yes
in another room .....
It depends what's on the back of your box
Mine has a second co-ax out which will feed a second TV ... but only with the same chanel that is being watched at the time

which carries the Sky progs to another tv via an aerial amp
So now it sounds like you are already doing this

have you got a second box you want to use with the same feed?
or are you asking if you can watch two seperate chanels from a single standard box?
(the answer is no)

Question Author
AC,like you I am using the 2nd RF out from the Sky+ box which feeds a tv in another room via an ae amp,I've tried putting the signal through another Sky box in the other room & then to the other TV to see if I can get seperate Free to Air progs, but got no picture at & I know that the box works ,it's the one tacken out when I had Sky+ box fitted.Ron.
you can watch the same channel in another room .
btu not a different one.
you need another box for that .
OK ... I see what you want

you've split the wrong point

First let me say - this isn't my area .... but I do spend a lot of time in maplins

the co-ax from the dish needs to be split into two feeds

----------box1 --- tv1
Dish ----|
----------box2 ---tv2


dish ------------box1 -------box2
| |

I think this is the beastie you need (but the guy on the counter will give you the gen) uleNo=9273&ma=satellite%20signal%20splitter

the ideal is a double LNB - but they are �39

Maplins are normally very good with advice .... you can always throw yourself on their mercy ... and then if it's too much (in the words of the news of the world) make your excuses and leave

............... ----------box1 --- tv1
Dish ----|
................----------box2 ---tv2


dish ------------box1 -------box2
............................|.................. |
.........................TV1 .............TV2

ignore the ....s
Question Author
AC,Thanks for the info, it looks good,haven,t had time to try it out yet but will do so when I do.Ron.

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