Converting 3gp or mp4 to mpeg files

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Qmark78 | 20:14 Fri 31st Aug 2007 | Technology
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How do you convert 3gp or mp4 movie files to mpeg/mpg or avi files? I can find a program to convert the other way but I need avi or mpeg specifically to use within another program I am running which translates video frames to individual photos. Alternatively does anyone know of a program with this facility to make stills of 3gp or mp4 without coverting them first? Thanks


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AVS might do the conversion:

The most widely recommended media player, here on AB, is VLC. (It's far, far better than Windows Media Player). It plays almost any video format, including 3GP & MP4, and it incorporates a still capture facility. It's free and you can find it here:

If AVS doesn't, then SUPER is a free video converter that will convert for you. Not the nicest interface, but it works.
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Converting 3gp or mp4 to mpeg files

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