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Pebbles | 18:52 Tue 14th Aug 2007 | Technology
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My Sky Top Box has decided to stay on standby, ie the red button is on all the time. Neither pressing the remote control Sky button , or using an old fashioned finger pressing the button on the box wil make it go green.

Any ideas ?????



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Try disconnecting power lead for a few minutes.
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Hi there

Tried that, left them disconnected for the day, in a vague hope that might work but no such luck.
Happened to me a couple of weeks ago - it's not an old Amstrad is it??

After much googling I decided that some of the electronics had overheated and was knackered. I bought a replacement from ebay for �25 though so not all bad!
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Thanks Hammer, it is a Sony, about 6 years old, so I suppose we have been lucky so far.
if its a sky one why dont you call them and ask whats wrong

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