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spdunky | 23:16 Sun 12th Aug 2007 | Technology
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Hi, i am trying to find out how much it costs for the electricity everytime i do a wash in my washing machine, we have an AA rated machine and always wash at 30`, but i would like to know the approx cost of the electric,
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The table, here, shows that an average A-rated washing machine, at 40C, uses 0.56kWh.
I've just drawn a quick sketch graph to extrapolate a figure for a 30C wash (and made an allowance for the AA-rating of your machine). That suggests that your machine probably uses around one third (or just over) of a kilowatt hour. Tariffs vary but a typical figure for the cost of 1kWh (including VAT) is around 12p, so that suggests around 4p or 5p per wash.


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how much Electric

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