Movie clip formats for viewing on DVD players

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DonKiddick | 21:28 Sun 12th Aug 2007 | Technology
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My Olympus mu400 camera takes still pictures in .jpg format and movie clips in .mov format. I can copy still pictures to CD and view them on my TV through my Phillips DVD player. If I copy the movie clips to CD I cannot view them and therefore have to convert them to .mpg format for which I have the appropriate software. All is then OK.
However, neither of these formats, .mov or .mpg, will work on my sister's Comet Proline DVD player although the .jpg stills play perfectly.
Does anyone know what format I should convert movie clips to so that I can burn CDs that will play on both my Phillips DVD player and my sister's Proline player? If there is a common format, does anyone know of any software programs that will convert from both .mov and .mpg formats?


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DVDs use the VOB format (or DVD-PAL). Try these for a start:- ter/ o-Utilities-Codecs/Download-Kate-s-Video-Conve rter-free-beta.html

Personally, I would use a Video Editing package like Serif MoviePlus5 or Premiere Elements - everyone has their favourites (some even stick by Pinnacle Studio).
VLC player will convert and play files.
(use the wizzard option)
Dr Red, I knew it was a very good player but a converter? You learn something every day.
You need to convert your video to MPEG-2 format. it's easier if you use this <a href="
DVD creator</a>. It can burn any video to DVD for palying on a home DVD player. really easy to use! I recommended!

Good luck!

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Movie clip formats for viewing on DVD players

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