Which tv to buy?

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anagram | 14:35 Tue 07th Aug 2007 | Technology
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I need to buy a new tv for the lounge but do I get a digital lcd or the cheaper analogue and stick with crt? We're not going digital in this area till 2012 and someone told me that the new lcds only last a few years anyway, so would I be better off just getting a cheaper analogue for now? Does anyone know the general lifespan of tvs? Thanks


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The very best picture quality is still CRT and large screen CRT televisions are very cheap at the moment.

By 2012 the tv market will have settled down, lcd tvs will be much cheaper than they are now, in real terms, and they will be a much better buy.

Don't forget, your CRT television will not be redundant in 2012 - a freeview box (possibly with a twin tuner recorder) will make your tv compatible with the digital signal.

I would not hesitate to buy a good quality, large screen CRT television if I were buying.
Hi anagram,
The question you ask, which T.V,
i have a L.C.D T.V in my living room, i have a crt T.V in
my bedroom,
the advantage of flat panel T.Vs they are very light, easy to
move, good if you are limited for room,
i personally prefer my L.C.D T.V i find the picture so sharp
and the colours are really stunning, you can sit up close
to the screen & the picture is still sharp & detailed,
but with a C.R.T T.V if you get to close you can see the lines. the research i have done leads me to believe
L.C.D are a better option than Plasma T.Vs, they use
less electricity, they also outlast PLasma, as for not
lasting long, that is a myth, they should last as long
as a C.R.T TV. On the down side, some of the darker
scenes in a play or a film, tend to be to dark, thats
where CRT tends to be better. Some people prefer
CRT TVs, try and see if you can watch one in someones house, then you must judge for yourself.
all i can say is i dont regret purchasing my L.C.D.
Good luck Andy.
Ethel is quite right about CRT TVs being technically better, especially for fast moving sports and action shots in films. That being said, most of the CRT sets still available tend to be from the low end of the quality spectrum, as major brands exited this market long ago - though there are a few old models kicking about. I'd aree with timeout1 and treat yourself to LCd (or Plasma if you want to go above 40"). In real money, LCD sets are a real bargain right now, having fallen 40% in the last 12 months!! I know, cos I sell 'em. �599.99 for a Samsung LE32R87 (a stunner) or �699.99 for a Panasonic TX32LMD70, or �599.99 for the award winning Toshiba 32C3030. I only sell via bricks & mortar, and yes of course like most things they are cheaper on the web. Just depends if you want local guys and local service - a fair price for a fair return etc. Finally, can your area get digital. Text your postcode to 83331 and get an answer in seconds. Happy viewing!
As a tehnician who works on this gear, I'd say for a third of the cost of a crummy no-name LCD set which probably won't last 18 months, you can get some real bargain high end CRT sets - check local press, freecycle even. , as people 'upgrade' (sic) to LCD and plasma.

Names to stick with: toshiba, sanyo, most sony, some of the better-model Hitachis, older philips.

Avoid: beko, matsui, no namer supermarket sets, thomson/ferguson, sharp, most samsung.

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