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PaulB | 14:19 Wed 31st Mar 2004 | Technology
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Does anyone else have a problem updating their AVG Free Edition? Most times I try to do it it says that it cannot detect an internet connection - this happens on both of my comps, any way round it? Ta


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I'M also having this problem the last time I updated was in Feb. after all the virus scares went to run the update again a few weeks ago and getting the same prompt ever since, cannot make an internet connection??? I'm stumped too, tried to do it manually from AVG site but no joy. I'll be watching this link for sure.
Someone asked the very same question in this weeks "Fax, Facts Faq's" section of the Telegraph's Connected sit.

try for the response.
i had this exact same problem last night and was considering asking this question on here today.

i finally managed to update it. my solution - persistance! eventually the download kicked off and it updated ok!

sorry - not much of an answer, but it worked for me!

Em...not much help but no....One thing I can suggest though is that if you are downloading the update file then knock off all instant messenging apps as these seem to play havoc with it...Hope that helps.
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Thanks all for your great answers :o)
I had the same problem Paul. Haven't been able to update for a month. Fixed it by downloading a whole new program from Grisoft - didn't take very long. It appears that they now have a newer free version cause it came with protection up to 25 march 04. It has since updated itself automatically to 28th.
people people! go here: Then target=_blank> > Then download the relevant update and update AVG from whichever local folder you saved the downloaded update to.
you could also try this...... Those of you who use AVG probably know by now that there has been some difficulty obtaining updates I have been searching around and have found this solution Go to C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG\6.0 Find the following file url.ini Right click it and click rename call it urlold Now open Notepad (Go Start | Run Type in Notepad) Copy and Paste the following to Notepad [SERVER_NAME] [SERVER_URL] 1= 2=ftp.grisoft.
com/pub/softw/60/fe/ 3= Actual
URL=3 Click File | Save As Change Save as Type to All Types Give the file the Name of url.ini (note case) Save the file in same folder that you changed the first file (c:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG\6.0) Right click the AVG Icon in the System tray and click Exit Now go to Start | Programs | AVG 6.0 for Windows | AVG Console to restart AVG Double click to open the console, Click Update Manager You should now have THREE choices to choose from as your download site

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