dumb ass needs to upgrade windows

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what..the? | 14:55 Mon 02nd Jul 2007 | Technology
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Yes I am officially a dumb ass. I want to use some software called rowpro (attach a rowing machine to a pc to run racing and stats) and the website does not mention mac at all which is what I have at home. All it mentions in pc running windows.

Its says this:
System Minimum Recommended
PC / Processor Pentium II 650MHz Pentium III 1GHz
Memory 256 MB 1 GB
Free disk space 100 MB 150 MB
Display SVGA 800x600 16-bit hi-color. SVGA 1024x768 32-bit true-color.
Graphics Hardware graphics acceleration with 8 MB video RAM. 3D hardware graphics acceleration with 8 MB video RAM.
Operating sys Windows 2000 + SP3, or XP + SP2. Windows Vista or XP +SP2.

So I have got some old pcs at home running windows 95 and 97 one which was bought in about 97.

So do all I need to do is buy a windows upgrade or something because I am sure all the graphics hardware and disk space would be fine.

If this is the case, buying online would be an arse can a buy a disk I can pop in???? What is a good price for 2000? I have XP in the office but I assume it is a one use only disk?

Thanks in advance
dumb ass


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No point in buying 2000 - it's specifying XP Service Pack 2 as a minimum.

Probably cheaper buying a 2nd hand pc.
ok - so I missed that. That makes two dumb-asses then...

Still better buying a 2nd hand pc though
too much hassle,

your better of buying a boat
I would definitely be cheaper to buy a new pc than upgrade that.

Even cheaper a 2nd hand one, as Whickerman says.

Isn't there a way of running windows on a Mac these days? Would that solve the problem? alpc/
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Thanks for all the answers

Ok I will look in to getting a second hand pc or look into trying to get some windows software for mac - I have heard of such a thing.

If you really have a machine running Windows 97, I should auction it - it should be worth quite a lot of money, as it will be the only one in the world...
Is your mac an intel mac? (i.e., about a year old.)

If so, you could try using Parallels, or failing that, use Apple's Boot Camp, to boot into Windows.

Either way, you're going to have to buy Windows XP SP2.

Or, just not use the program and get on rowing?

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dumb ass needs to upgrade windows

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