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Whiskery Ron | 21:13 Sat 05th May 2007 | Technology
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I know you guys out there know loads of technical stuff so here's one for you. Is it possible to take a tune from iTunes, use about 30 seconds of it & then transfer it to my Motorola L6 mobile phone as a ringtone? If this is a feasable project,please give method. Ron.


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You can use mp3 ringtones on this device, so use Audacity (free download) to edit the track and then upload it to your phone and set it as your ringtone.

The main stumbling blocks would be that iTunes tracks are (AFAIK) DRM-protected, so you would need to get around this. I believe jHymn will do this, though there are newer softwares as well. Also, if the phone doesn't come with a data cable you would either need to get one or to use bluetooth (if you have it on your PC) for the transfer.
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To LeMarchand:- Thanks for your answer,I shall try it out when I get the time, the only thing I don't understand is the reference to "jHymn",is it a software product I can download? WR.
Sorry, jHymn is a free bit of software that should strip DRM from iTunes. As I don't use iTunes I can't promise that it works, though! (I used it to convert non-iTunes mp4 to mp3 tracks). Someone had a question about iTunes here a few weeks (?) back, and an alternative/newer/better piece of freeware was suggested but as it was something that I'd be unlikely to ever need I'm afraid that I can't remember what it was called.
Other software/links and some other DRM advice here:

PS: It may well be technically illegal to circumvent DRM, but then (at present/in the UK) it is also technically illegal to copy a CD you own to your iPod!
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LeMarchand:- Thanks again mate.WR.

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