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jollygreen | 11:44 Mon 23rd Apr 2007 | Technology
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I accumulated sabout 8 hours of flying time in the ATC when I was a teenager (I'm now 27). I'm now thinking of taking flying lessons in the next couple of years with the aim of getting my PPL.

I've got a red/green colour deficiency and I wear glasses or contact lenses to correct my long-sightedness.

Will either fo these eyesight problems affect my ability to get a PPL?



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You also can't read. This is the TECHOLOGY section.
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So where would you advise posting the question?

In the PPL category?

Thanks for your help.
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Thanks very much
From the horses mouth. You will be OK. I am also red/green CP3 and need glasses. I did my PPL through the microlight route as it was cheaper.
I am not sure how much value they will put on your 7 hours unless it is particularly well documented what part of the schedule you were doing exactly. If it was just air experience flights not at all.
Schools are

It is the weather that is the bugbear in England so why not go to Spain and do it in two weeks
The CAA requirement for a PPL(Microlight) license is a min. of 25 hours tuition, of which 10 hours must be solo. In addition, there are 5 multiple-choice ground school exams. After 15 hours, of which 7 must be solo, there is an option of a restricted license allowing flight within an 8 nm radius of the field, but most students go straight for the full license
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Thanks tellboy, good answers mate. I'm not fussed about the hours I did in the old chippie counting towards my PPL, at least they have taught me the very basics of the controls. I was a bit worried the red/green thing would be a problem but it sounds like it won't be! Do you think it will affect my ability to get IFR rating? I mean, I can see the difference between a green LED and a red LED on a car dashboard at night, it's just those bloody books of red dots and green dots that I struggle with!!

There's a private airfield near me from which microlights and other small fixed-wing aircraft operate, don't think there is a resident instructor though so I'd be doing it at Aberdeen airport.

Like I said earlier, I probably won't be able to afford it until at least next year.

Tellboy, have you got your own aircraft? Anyone got ideas of rough operating/maintenance costs for a light high-wing job, with fixed undercart?
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Oh and by the way CushtyFred, you berate my choice of location for this thread and accuse me of not being able to read.

Maybe it's my reading but I'm sure there's an "N" in Technology...
jollygreen,----your last comment to CushtyFred-----well done I like it. I like it.
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Some people are very quick to criticise eh?

Anyway, looks like good news on the PPL :-)

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