Connecting TV, Freeview and DVD Recorder

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zipadeedodah | 11:44 Thu 12th Apr 2007 | Technology
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I recently bought a second-hand DVD recorder, but am having difficulty in setting it up. I have a freeview box, so obviously want it to be connected to this also. The manual only gives instructions for connecting via a SKY box, so I tried to do the same. For a SKY box, it says that:

1. The aerial should go into the SKY box
2. You need 3 scart leads - one from the TV to SKY box, one from SKY box to DVD recorder, and one from TV to DVD recorder
3. You need 2 RF loop through aerial cables - one from TV to DVD recorder, and one from SKY box to DVD recorder.

Should this work for a freeview box also?
I only have one scart socket on the back of my TV - is there any way of getting around this? I also only have one RF loop through aerial cable. The DVD recorder has an in-built TV tuner, but can only get channels 1-4, and they are of poor quality.

Any ideas/suggestions/help really appreciated!! Thanks in advance...

zip x


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Aerial to freeview box.

Scart from freeview to dvd recorder.

Scart from freeview to tv

Coaxial from freeview to dvd to tv.

Now your problem will be that you will only be able to record the programme you are watching - you will have to manually set the recorder to record AV1 or AV2 and keep the freeview box switched on to the channel you are trying to record.
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Thanks for the help Ethel. I have your first three points done. I have the RF cable that came with the machine going from the freeview box to the DVD recorder. Do I need another RF cable going from the DVD recorder into the main aerial socket on the back of the TV?

If so I'll need to buy another RF cable...any ideas where I'd find one? Thanks.
Yes you do.

Try your local hard ware store, or tv repair shop if there is one.

Otherwise places like B&Q sell it.
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Again, thanks for your reply!

I bought a coaxial cable, which I have now used to connect the TV and DVD recorder. Unfortunately still no joy. If the freeview box is switched on, it stops me from being able to do anything with the DVD recorder. If it is switched off, then the DVD recorder will only find and show channels 1-4. Hmmm nothing is simple is it..?!
Aerial to freeview box. R/F out to Skybox R/F aerial in. Skybox R/F out to DVD Recorder R/F in. DVD Recorder R/F out to T/V R/F in.------- Scart from Freeview Box to Skybox Scart in. Other Scart out from Skybox to DVD Scart in.Other Scart out from DVD Recorder to T/V Scart in. If you do-not have a Skybox. Aerial to Freeviewbox Then R/F out direct to DVD Recorder Aerial in (or R/F in).------.Scart from F/View. to DVD Rec. DVD Rec to T/V. Hope this helps.
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Thanks very much whiskery ron and mickey_blue - am going to tackle it again a little bit later! Very helpful answers, so will give it a go!

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Connecting TV, Freeview and DVD Recorder

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