Nokia 6233, voice mail symbol won't go?

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chelsea25 | 13:17 Tue 30th Jan 2007 | Technology
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Hi there, i have checked my messages and there is not any new voice mail but the tape symbol is still on the screen? It has a G next to it but i think that means GPRS, but why can't i get rid of this symbol? Cheers guys xx


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I get this with my 6280. It's been happening for ages now, although went through a phase of not happening. Sometimes turning it off and on works (although usually not), and other times when someone does leave a voicemail and I then delete that one, it goes off. It's just annoying as you can't then tell when there's new voicemail waiting for you (well, not on Orange anyway). Other problems seem to be occurring too, also very sporadically, namely, my phone just turning itself off and then on again, usually mid-call, and also sometimes half my phone book disappears so if someone calls and you have their number stored, it will only flash up the number and not the name - so, no good for caller ID then. No good for texts either.

Should really send it back but don't know if this means that I will lose some stuff off my current phone, although most of the stuff I want to keep is on the memory card anyway.

Procrastination eh?!
I had something similar on my N70 and went to a Nokia shop and asked them. Turns out I had somehow managed to divert all calls to the fax facility on my phone!? Might be worth going to a phone shop and asking them if they know....

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Nokia 6233, voice mail symbol won't go?

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