Orange mobile - remaining minutes and txts?

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AniseedTwist | 00:44 Fri 29th Dec 2006 | Technology
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My mobile is on Orange, and I have a deal where you get a certain amount of inclusive minutes and texts to use up each month.

But nowhere, on the phone menus or on the website, can I find out how many remaining minutes/texts I have. So I have to guess, and always end up either estimating too little (and not using all my allowances) or too much (and getting a big bill).

There is an option to view your remaining balance, but it just tells you how many 'orange minutes' you have. (I think this is how many inclusive minutes remaining, to other Orange phones for evening calls). This isn't very useful to me as most of my calls are during the day and not to orange phones, and is not what I want to know!

If I can't find out how many inclusive minutes / texts I have I'm just going to carry on having unpredictable bills and I might have to change my provider. I'd be grateful if anyone knows how to do this. Thanks!


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Hi, I'm not on payg, I've got a contract, and I think the no.s that you call are different. Our numbers start with 1,and 150 is the one you call for update information, but no luck there. I'll 453 a go, but unfortunately don't think it'll work.

Thanks a lot for your answer, I think I'll go back on payg after my year's up. This contract lark is too much hassle!!
A quick search of the Orange website brought up this page which will meet your needs.

Alternatively, zero off your dialled calls on the phone at the start of each month.
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Hi, yes, thanks, but the website only gives me my remaining orange minutes (to other orange users in the evening), which I never use up.

I'm trying to find out how many inclusive minutes/txts I have left. It's a good idea about zeroing my dialled calls. I might have to do this, but I just feel like there must be an easier way, and that I might be missing something obvious!
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Still trying to find out how to do this. If it helps, I'm on Orange (Canary). I get 200 inclusive voice minutes per month and 75 texts. Does anyone else have the same/similar contract?

If so, how do you find out how many inclusive voice minutes and texts you have left???

(The 'remaining minutes' sections of the Orange website and the 150 menu don't seem to help, just tells you about Orange minutes which are something quite different...)

had the same problem but it has now changed if you dial 150 and then press option 1 a couple of times it tells you more info than it used to
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Thanks very much for your answer, I had no idea it had changed. That's exactly what I needed to know!

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Orange mobile - remaining minutes and txts?

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