BT surftime dial up

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Lindt21 | 13:44 Fri 01st Dec 2006 | Technology
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Does anyone know if this is possible and how to do this?

I have a BT internet account in my name. I am moving house, and changing phone number and the account will be in my partners name instead of mine (as you can't have a joint account with BT!). Is it possible to keep my dial up surf package and the email addresses we already have and use them from our new phone and account number. If anyone has any experience of this I would be grateful as I can't get an answer from anyone at BT.

Thank you


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Ask BT.
I would imagine so.
You will have to talk to BT to find out how though.
Question Author
I have tried speaking to BT and keep getting passed to different people none of whom seem to know the answer. I will keep trying them though.

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BT surftime dial up

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