Thinking of buying a Zune??

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fly258 | 13:45 Sun 26th Nov 2006 | Technology
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excellent review...couldn't have put it better myself! The Zune's Wi-Fi ability had SO much potential for fun and serious apps like skype potential, internet browser, email, linux OS?! etc... But no, MS decides to 'Squirt'. W.T.F?! We can all just hope that the Hackers out there get Hackin' and sort out this brown P.O.S. for the poor ******* who get one. Although I think that the IPod isn't much better either...form over function argument. The best player I have (inspite of the dicky joystick and generally poor OS) is the IRiver IHP-140. Amazing bit of kit. And I have the Sandisk E280 8GB flash player which is fantastic in every respect apart from the proprietary cable needed for charging and synchronising...which I have recently lost, so i'm bu**ered!

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Thinking of buying a Zune??

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