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Brownlow | 20:19 Fri 24th Nov 2006 | Technology
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I've tried two cards (SD 512MBs and MMC 1GB) in my cheap Zennox DV 310, but get a 'No Card' alert, when I switch to external memory. It's been suggested that the cards may have been too large. I thought you could use any size of card you could afford, and get more pictures. Is there a limit to the amount of memory you can use in a camera?


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I get this is the little tiny switch at the side of my card is set to 'lock'.

Could this be the problem? The cards I have automatically lock when I take them out.
It's very likely that your camera won't recognise cards above a certain capacity. Your manual should tell you what this range is.

Just remember something I heard many years ago .... Hardware makers and Software writers can build 'backward compatibility' in but they don't have a crystal ball.

No so long back, No-one, but No-one, would ever have need for more than 20Mb of hard drive or 8Mb of RAM.
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Thanks Ethel, but the MMC card doesn't have a lock. I took a 'working' SD card out of my stills camera and when I put it back, it was still working. So, I don't think that is the answer.
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Tee Gee, I think that you're consolidating what I've been told. Unfortunately, the manual is confusing:
'Memory Device' gives: Internal 16MB DDR,16MB flash RAM, External SD/MMC (1G).
Does that mean 1GB?
'Memory Capacity' gives (External SD Card 64MB).
Note that here's no mention of an MMC there.
In which case I wouldn't trust the manual !!! No mention of 128 or 512 cards. All my camera manuals quote ' up to ...'
I would suggest that 64Mb would be the maximum therefore. Buy plenty. One of me friends went 'down under' earlier this year and had all the piccies on a 1Gb card, which a neighbour then formatted ..... Something about eggs and baskets come to mind.
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Thanks Tee Gee,
I'm inclined to accept what you say, but it does seem odd. The camera holds MP3s, records audio as well as being a camera, so you'd expect it to take larger cards, well, I would!

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