ebay scam!!!!!!!

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loulou32 | 15:09 Thu 05th Oct 2006 | Technology
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Just wanted to warn anyone who may be selling valuable sought after goods on Ebay to BEWARE! I have just nearly been 'had' this morning. Luckily I asked for my Dads advice as the E mail that the supposedly winning ebay member had sent to me sounded really dodgy. As I only ship within the UK the location of the winner jumped right out at me UNITED STATES, although, they wanted it to be sent to Nigeria urgently as it was a present for their son! I sent a polite note back to say sorry but I could not ship the item (Nokia n90 mobile phone), they di not reply? So I re-listed my item , only for it to happen again but a different ebay member name! So after reporting this to ebay I have re-listed again but have not given the option of 'buy it now'. Im not a hardened ebayer and had not heard of any such scam. The first one had a private name so I was unable to read their feedback but, the second one was not private but had only set up the account today and had no feedback! Both times they stated that they wanted urgently and they were willing to pay as much as it would cost for shipping, but it had to be done immediately. Please, please beware and dont let them get away with it. Has anyone else had a similar experience? As a honest, reliable, easy going person I am gobsmacked by this kind of activity. Thanks


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Yes. It happens very often.
hello, i had a similar experience a few years ago,
when i tried to sell my car on ebay,
i received an email from someone funnily enough they where also from 'Nigeria' claiming to be a vicar and it is just what he was looking for to drive around his parish, he seemed genuine enough, until he asked me to find out about shipping the car and for me to pay all the shipping fees upfront and that he will pay me back when had received the goods, oh yeah and by credit card.
then i thought yeh, yeh whatever......
Same sort of thing has just happened to me though not on Ebay. I'm selling a twin pram on a few free ad sites and i've recieved the same email from about seven different buyers. It states that they need the item urgently and that they will send a cheque for more than the value of the pram and i'm to cash it and give them the rest of the money back! Oh and they will sned a courier to my house to pck the item up and pay me �50 for giving it to them!

Best thing is to just report them and ignore future emails like it!
Ignore anyone who says they will pay "extra" for an item and you give them a chegue back for the difference.

If you agree then their cheque goes in your account, you send them a cheque which is cashed, then you find their cheque bounces, or is withdrawn and you lose the money.

Common scam (always from Nigeria it seems)
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Thanks for all your answers....I still cant believe it!!!!
Yeah i had this happen last year with a phone i was seiling, when i re-listed the item i got the same scam from a different Nigeria scum bag
This also happened to my friend last month when he was selling his laptop on ebay & surprise surprise they also needed it shipped to Nigeria for a surprise birthday present.They also said they would pay extra if it could be sent A.S.A.P. my mate told the seller it was theirs if they sent cash for it & he never heard anything back fom them after that.

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ebay scam!!!!!!!

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