Sorry wrong category but desperate for help

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Briar_x | 22:09 Thu 21st Sep 2006 | Technology
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Also posted in Internet and technology but am desperate. Sorry

I have just go a wireless router and have attached it to one pc via a ethernet cable. I can send and receive email fine on this one. I have another pc and connected that via a wireless connection to the router, I can surf the net with no problems with the one connected wirelessley (sp?) anyway, what I can't do is check any email accounts on the wireless connection pc - what do I have to do differently? any help greatly appreciated as getting very stressed now!

thanks in advance



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Im not sure im 100% here, but if you use an NTL email or something along those lines, i believe you have to set it up. I know thats what we had to do. Obviously hotmail and yahoo carry on as normal. when we opened out outlook express n the new wireless pc, we had to re-enter all out current info to start it back up again.

im sure there will be far more thorough answers than my one.

but this is what we had to do.
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Thanks Neenee

Its Outlook 2003 and I am using btinternet mail if tht helps anyone else.

yeah i think you need to do the same as what we had to.. we use NTL.... and when in outlook express, click on the tools tab, then accounts tab and you will see there the accounts that are set up and options t add anther account and follow the screens through and re -enter your details as requested. check on your main pc what inf you already have by doing this from there, and copy it over, if you are unsure of any passwords, you will need to contact bt internet for your passwords etc for your email setup.

hope this helps.
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Thanks again Neenee

Just tried that but it didn't work! Am having a bit of a mare now!
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Thank you anyway.

I think its due to Norton, so much for security!!!

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Sorry wrong category but desperate for help

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