Spylog cookie - what is it ?

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strozzi | 10:28 Wed 28th May 2003 | Technology
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I notice that whenever I've had a session on my PC that I've had a Spylog cookie. What is this; where does it originate and, if I delete it what have I achieved ?


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Been on any Russian sites? Spylog is a Russian tracker system that provides site statistics and usage. The cookies are probably harmless, just passing information on who's visiting a particular site. They have a site which tells you about their services, but it's only in Russian.
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Thanks Smorodina. You prompted me to go on a google hunt and I found a Russki site with a good explanation in Angliski. I'm including the link here in case anyone else is interested.
Thanks for the link - do you have a Russian connection?
As this cookie is for spyware purposes i suggest you try using the spybot program which can detect cookies, spyware programs, trojans etc. the one i'm using is spybot-search & destroy free to use and has a regularly updated detection library.
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Smorodina,. no Russian links except a liking for their vodka.
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Mac309, thanks for the info. Am running Norton Antivirus and Win Patrol. Your link set me off on all sorts of others and now I've had to take a deep breath before I get paranoid about the security and privacy of my PC.
What a relief!! I would be much more fearful, if it were the USA or Israel.
I've thought a lot better of the Russians after the mugging they took in what was supposed to be a hockey game, (72), & it was anything but.
Don't know much about the NEW Russia, but, I liked the old one.

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Spylog cookie - what is it ?

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