Pass Through Query from MS Access to SQL Server 2000

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TheUnderTow | 15:06 Tue 19th Sep 2006 | Technology
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I am trying to run a pass through query from access to update a table in SQL Server, the query requires a join from the SQL table to a table in Access. I cannot seem to get the query to recognise the Access table, does anyone know the code to be able to do this. I am trying to speed up the process instead of using a linked table which is quite slow.


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I don't think you can join an Access table to a SQL Server table via pass through queries. I was under the impression pass through queries operate purely on SQL Server. You may be better off writing some VBA to do this.
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I can definitely query SQL Server from Access (Query - SQL Specific - Pass Through Query - Properties - ODBC Connection String) it's just joining tables that I'm having trouble with. Fair do's if it can't be done but it's strange that I can get so far and then no further...
Yes, you can query SQL Server from Access, but joining to an Access table will not work (as the table isn't on the sql server).

As I said, you can use VBA to get the data from sql server and then use that to work on the Access tables.
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Sorry - just read the first answer properly! I go back to the drawing board...

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Pass Through Query from MS Access to SQL Server 2000

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