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camioneur | 18:43 Mon 18th Sep 2006 | Technology
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anyone know of a free pdf editor, I can only find the ones you have to pay for


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do you mean Editor or Creator?
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I refer the honourable gentleman to the question above
some free pdf programs call themselves "editor" but are in fact merely creators.

if you want it for something specific, you could download a demo version. otherwise it looks as if you've got to pay.
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yea thats what I found and demos really annoy as you get used to the convenience of having them and then they run out and want your money
Camioneur, I think you missed out two little words, THANKYOU!!!
The problem is that Adobe make their money from PDF editors (and encourage sales by giving away the reader for free). Therefore an y company that wants to produce an editor must pay royalties to Adobe for using their technology - hence, you are unlikely to find a free editor
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I'm so sorry Ratter, who am I supposed to be thanking...have you access to a free editor?? if not...go away in jerky movements and mind your own business dick...thank you

I've would have sworn at you for being a complete prat but as my reply would have been removed I thought I would control my emotions so that others might see what a complete prat you really are!! Thank You
Here is your complete prat , camioneur.
PDF is Portable document format that is used to used to represent document in manner independent of application software, hardware and operating system. You can use PDF Editor as it gives the solution for viewing and printing and editing PDF documents. See more on:

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