Chip in our Bin

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bradleyy | 22:02 Sun 03rd Sep 2006 | Technology
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In the press the other day they were talking about how our bins have chips in them. Has anyone removed them and are we allowed?


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The chips are under the lip on the outside of the bin I have checked mine and we don't have any
According to Richard (and Judy):- Legally, you are NOT allowed to remove them since they are Council property. I don't know what you would be likely to be charged with - Stealing ? - Vandalism ? -

Do you fancy taking on the local Council as a test case for the rest of us?

P.S. Our bins aren't chipped - yet !
Chip and bin? One question - Why?
It is to record your waste and how much you bin. We have a chip in our bin but only the recycling one (as far as I know) and it is used to compare the average households recycled waste to the waste just put into a landfill.

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Chip in our Bin

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