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timshadie | 00:21 Thu 31st Aug 2006 | Technology
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I see people on answer bank when answering a question sometimes insert a link which takes you off to a web page which is grate. but what i want to know is how do they put that link in, thats so helpful ?


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Copy the web address, paste it here and press the space bar at least once.

It must be the space bar - the enter key will not do.
Ethel, you always say that bit about the space bar, but I always just press Enter, and it works fine!
Ensure you copy the entire web address URL (that includes the http:// at the front).

AnswerBank dropped Rich Text Format for posts 2 months ago. An RTF quirk meant that rogue HTML tags were appended to any links not immediately followed by a space. This is no longer an issue so the 'space' is not required.
Oh! Thanks for the update re the space bar. It's a habit with me now though. :)
Type in :
<a target='_blank' href=""> click here </a>

AB adds the "target = blank" bit so you can omit that.

This'll give you :
click here

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