Windows media player 10 - dvd playing help

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spaced | 18:51 Sat 26th Aug 2006 | Technology
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Just bought a brand new laptop. Put in a DVD, and opened windows media player 10, when the dvd starts you can hear the film but there is no picture on windows media player, just a pixelated mess, but when I use Power DVD, which is also installed all DVDs work and look fine and play as normal.

Any ideas?


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My guess is Windows Media Player is set to the wrong region.

As you know, DVDs are Region 0, 1, 2....

What region dvds are you playing?
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im playing region 2. I have looked for the region settings, but can not locate them. Help!!
Question Author the way, that page does not link to any downloads
Spaced - that link does have all the plug ins you could possibly need, and more importantly the decoder check up utility.

This is on the second page. player/plugins.aspx#DVDDecoder

Run the utility to see if you need a plug in.
Personally I'd recommend you download the free VLC. It plays almost anything you can throw at it, without the hassle of downloading new codecs etc. DVDs included.
Question - why bother when Power DVD does a better job anyway? Just for completeness?
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ethel, when click on InterVideo DVD Xpack , it takes me to a site where I can purchase it not dowload
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the sound quality from Windows media is better thats why wideboy

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Windows media player 10 - dvd playing help

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