Norton Anti virus problem??

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what..the? | 13:47 Sat 26th Aug 2006 | Technology
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My mum is having trouble with he computer everytime she starts up her computer it say's - 'You are at risk with your anti virus' click on this balloon to sort the problem.

When she does it tells her - anti virus software - 'check status' it says that norton anti virus is installed but it status in 'unknown' and 'click recommendations for suggested actions to take'

When clicked it says to check it is installed - which we believe it is and it said it was. And also it gives you a check box to allow you to choose to monitor the security yourself as apposed to the computer warning you when their is a problem - this off course does not seem to solve the problem as it is warning her of a problem with the software itself.

I am not sure whether the software needs updating as I think it was probably given to her with her pc 2 years ago. If it does need updating with is the cost and where can she get it from as when I go to the norton site it just seems to sell me new full packages.

If anyone can help her out of this annoying situation that would be great.


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Sounds like it may of run out. you cab buy it in tesco, pc world, comet. its about �30 for a year, but sometimes yopu get a bundle package that works out cheaper
i think the status unknown thing is just because windows securty centre can check with different software firewall/anti-virus etc to see if its working properly however, older anti-virus' arnt compatible with this so windows cant tell ifs its working properly hence the status unknown, i think the security centre comes with service pack 2 so if this balloon is something knew it may be that the service pack has just been installed. if the anti-virus is 2 years old though id suggest updating
If it does need updating (sounds likely), I'd suggest updating to the following three:

AVG Free
Kerio Personal Firewall
Adaware Personal

Combined they'll do just a good a job at protecting her computer (probably better in my opinion than Norton), and they're free.
Sound advice from fo3nix as usual but if you do opt to install AVG, make sure you uninstall Norton first as two A/V programmes on the same PC will cause conflicts.
Yup sorry, forgot to mention that useful bit of information. Also if she's using XP and the XP firewall is on, then turn that off too.
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I don't think Kerio is free!
But Comodo is, and is very good. Your firewall strength can be checked at
Shields up test.
strugglin': it is, because I use it myself. Though it doesn't seem like it, I agree. You download it as a 30-day trial of the fully-featured kerio firewall, then after that a few of the advanced features stop working. But the advanced features are really beyond the needs of any home user.
I had enormous trouble with Norton so in the end I lifted it completely and was recommended to use AOL's antivirus protection. I don't usually like AOL and never use it as a provider but their antivirus software's ok - and it's free.
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Thanks for all you assistance....I'm on it!!!

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Norton Anti virus problem??

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