Sony Vaio PCG-FR285M Laptop problem

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will2607uk | 21:27 Thu 24th Aug 2006 | Technology
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When trying to boot up my laptop I get the message "Operating System not found" after it trying to read a floppy disc. Disabling the A:\ drive doesn't make a difference and I was wondering if anyone knew how to overcome this without the fuss of taking it to a shop. Thanq


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Have you or anyone else changed the BIOS Settings ?

Within the BIOS you can set where a computer looks for an operating system.

This can be diskette, hard disk or CD (in any order)

It sounds as though maybe your PC is not looking on the hard disk for the operating system, it has been removed from the list of valid devices.

Either that or it cannot find the hard disk, maybe windows has "lost" reference to it, or maybe it has been removed from the laptop ?

Go into the BIOS and see if your laptop can "see" your hard disk.
Forgot to ask.

I assume there is an operating system on the hard drive ?
Has the hard drive been making any strange noises recently? Just a thought as I had the same error message on occasion shortly before my hard drive failed.
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Yes it's running XP Home. Checked the BIOS settings and the the hard drive is recognised. I haven't heard any weird noises from the HDD... Modern technology eh...?

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Sony Vaio PCG-FR285M Laptop problem

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