Panasonic DVD recorder/freeview.....faulty

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spaced | 01:02 Fri 30th Jun 2006 | Technology
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I purchased the above from Comet in April 2006. For some weird reason the time record function only works sometimes. Most times i get home and find that the DVD player had not read the blank DVD-RW disc and hadstherefore not recorded.

I emailed Panasonic, who told me not to use Sony discs, but to use TDK, Maxell, JVC or Panasonic DVD-RW's. So today I purchased 5 x TDK DVD-RW disks, and guess what...when the timer came on it could not read the disc, but read it fine when I first put it in. Weird thing is, I took the disc out, put in back in and hey presto it worked. Its weird, it seems when I put the timer on and leave the house and let it record, it wont work. But if I test the timer while im there or just press record, it works. It seems to have a problem starting up and reading a disc, instead of being on, me inserting a disc, because that works.

It reads normal DVD films fine by the way, just timer-recording is not working.

So Panasonic have fed me some pap about discs. I want the thing exchanged, I refuse point blank to go back to Comet, as I know what they will say or try and do - send it away for testing. THe thing cost me �200 and I want panasonic to sort it ASAP. Things is, I cant find their head office address to write them a letter.

Can you please help me find it and do you think panasonic will help or can you suggest anything else??????


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You do not have a contract with Panasonic - you bought it from Comet and so the contract is with them and it is up to them to sort it out.

If you paid by credit card or by finance you may find they can help you too.

It is only two months old - ask for a full refund. Be firm and insistent.

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true, but the standard years warranty is with Panasonic, so they should get involved. I have bought things back to comet before and have got no-where. I dont want to waste my time with them.
Registered Address:
Panasonic House
Willoughby Road
RG12 8FP
United Kingdom

That's the Panasonic Head Office.

I understand your frustration with Comet but I would pursue the claim with them. It would be relatively cheap to claim through the Small Claims Court and you can do it online.

I suggest you take the recorder to Comet on a busy day. Explain the problem and the steps you have taken to rectify it.
Tell them you want a refund as the item is not fit for the purpose or of satisfactory quality, as required by the Sale of Goods Act.
Do not accept an exchange or repair.

If they refuse, tell them you will claim through the Small Claims Court and they will have additional costs to pay.

If you can take someone with you. Ask the names of all the people you deal with so that you can complain about them to Comet Head Office and explain why you want those details.

See it as a challenge and an experience.

Good luck!
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thanks ethel!
a dvd has to formatted if new before i can be used
the dvd player should do or say it's doing it if you put the new disk in
check your user manual about this
mine (an LG) will play /record even the cheapest disks ok

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Panasonic DVD recorder/freeview.....faulty

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