Storing and Showing Digital Photos - What is best?

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Machecoul | 22:22 Sat 24th Jun 2006 | Technology
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I want to be able to put our digital photos on some sort of device to take to show friends abroad.

I want a reasonable screen size and need to be able to show them to people on a campsite in France.

I have had a look at the Archos (the reviews say that reproduction of photos is not very good), also thought about a Sony PSP (couldn't find a review that mentioned photos)

Anyone any ideas or thoughts please.


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epson do a some nice little devices for this.

but, what's wrong in just taking a disc with your photos on to tesco or somewhere and getting some 6x4's printed? far more durable than a little electronic device, no need to worry about batteries, etc. and they could even keep the photos!
I use a Smartdisk Flashtrax
If you have a laptop, that would be ideal. :)

Otherwise, download to dvd or cd to give as keepsakes.

I have a Sony PSP and it is *excellent* for showing photos, and you can get 1Gb cards quite cheaply now. The screen is really bright, sharp and clear plus you have the added entertainment value of being able to play games and movies on it!!

Otherwise, you could create a free online photo account with someone like SnapFish ( but there are many more available!). That way, you can share it with anyone you give your link to...
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Thank you one and all:

fo3nix - will have a look at the epson devices / can actually print photo quality myself but wanted to be able to do something electronically - but may end up taking them to Tesco for cheapness - and as you say they could then keep them. (ta)
Sequin - I will have a look at this - not heard of them before.
Ethel - after I had written the question it did occur to me I could always take our laptop but don't really want to have it in the caravan for 5 weeks!!
And Matt - like your answer (but is that because I secretly want to play games - when Mrs M isn't watching :)))
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Thanks fo3nix had a look but you have to pay for the full review but found another site which rated it very highly. I will have a closer look at one now.

Had another thought - a portable DVD player - I noticed that some are JPEG compatible. Someone is bringing one into work tomorrow so will try that as well.

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Storing and Showing Digital Photos - What is best?

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