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canouan | 02:18 Fri 09th Jun 2006 | Technology
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When ripping mix CDs using WMP, how can I make all the tracks join up as on the original CD, i e if I want to copy a mix CD for someone else how I can I stop it having breaks between 'tracks'? Thank you.


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don't know, never worked that one out myself. Once used a CD burning program that allowed you to vary the compulsory gaps between tracks, but can't remember what it was (wasn't on my comp)

There is a free to download program called audacity that I have found useful and it gives a lot more options for recording & editing MP3's. I think I got it from WMP has too many limitations !

Also look at dbpoweramp & dbmusicconverter - these are shareware, are very good and subscribing to the full version is only a few dollars.

Not sure about for copying, but when you're playing the cd there is a slider in the now playing section which lets you overlap the tracks. Cycle round from the equalizer and you should be able to find it. This is assuming you're using media player 10.

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Window Media Player blues

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