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spaced | 10:34 Mon 05th Jun 2006 | Technology
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Carried on from post -

lets end this debarkle (sp). I purchased a chinese kung fu movie, which will probably not, ever, be released in the uk. It cost me, inc shipping, �11.98 (�9.99 for the dvd and �1.99 for the postage)

This is the DVD I purchased -

and this is the repsonse i received from the company regarding Region 0 DVDs - "All DVDs I sell on ebay are legit copy not bootleg, you can check my feeback. SPL is region all DVD, most of the chinese movie are Region All and NTSC because they mostly export to other countries. there should be no problem if your player and TV can handle NTSC..."

So it possibly is copied in a factory from an original as it's Region 0 (all), but the quality shoud remain the same as if it were an original????


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The quality has nothing to do with the region code. Region codes can be changed if/when a disk is copied. They are making them R0 so they can sell the same disk worldwide.

I believe the far east has very different copyright laws to the rest of the world (none?!) and they have a far more 'relaxed' approach to copying things.

If properly done, the copy should have just a good a quality as the original, even if the region code has been changed.

My best mate goes to Hong Kong a few times a year because of his job. He now has a prety comprehensive collection of Region 0 DVDs that he has bought out there. They are definitely copies but you simply cannot tell the difference (at least not by looking at them, or comparing the cases / labels). Just because they're good quality doesn't mean they're not copies.

Oh, and if you're wondering how much he pays for them? Usually between 80p and �1.50 for most "blockbuster" titles...
I've just had a look at the dvd you have bought.

Does your dvd player play NTSC discs? The usual format in the UK is PAL and being region 0 does not mean it will play in a PAL only player.
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yes, it does ethel. I have a NTSC dvd from the US which plays fine. Could have been embarassing if I didnt though ;-)
Good! :)

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Ebay � Items from Hong Kong CONTINUED

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