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lozzzz | 16:35 Sat 03rd Jun 2006 | Technology
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Yesterday my yahoo Im was fine, then I recieved an off line message from a friend who had enclosed a link which I clicked on to open,I now know this was obviously bogus because I spoke to him and the same thing happened to his,and he didn't send it to me. My account no longer exists, I can't sign in, it doesnt recognise my user name or alternative email address,I recieved the same off line message on my other yahoo from the one that doesnt work now,(I certainly didn't send it to myself, I didn't open the link so that appears to be fine..I have no way of contacting yahoo to find out what is going on, does anyone know if there is a hideous virus or something going round it? I am now a bit stuffed because I cant contact any of my


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could be this - does this sound like your experience?

Try totally uninstalling Yahoo messenger etc,

Run a spyware check on your computer

Then download the Yahoo messenger again, and try and log in.

Why cant you contact Yahoo btw???

has the option to contact Yahoo customer care (obviously another free email account you will need, hotmail etc)

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