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londongirl | 15:07 Tue 30th May 2006 | Technology
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I just bought a camera on ebay (panasonic Lumix DMC-FX7)...unfortunately it only came with an american plug. And the battery has ran out. I just bought an american to uk plug, which says it is compatible with 240 uk volts. I have no idea if the 2 are compatible! Can anyone tell me if its safe to use the 2 together? I'm really not good with working out electrical things. I'm unable to get hold of the seller, as I'm without broadband for a month & have limited internet access at work. Help!


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I presume you are talking about a power supply or recharger here?

Check on the charger itself, find something that says what the input voltage should be. (110v, 220v, 240v or a range covering these sort of values). If it doesn't have or include 220v don't plug it in or it will just explode. This means it is made for the US market only. They have 110v mains, we have 220v.

Some power supplies are designed to work on both euopean and US supplies, and will be labelled something like "100v-250v". Some are country specific and will be "100v-120v" for the US, "220v-250v" for Europe.

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Thank you Catso, yep talking about recharger. You see, I don't even know the difference with that and a plug! I understand your explanation at least, so will check tonight. Hopefully it is compatible. Otherwise I'm stuck with a camera I can't use!
If the box of the charger doesn't say 110V-250V range (as catso says), you'll have to get a UK Panasonic power supply. These are usually standard across the range, but check first

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