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pjm007 | 18:28 Thu 04th May 2006 | Technology
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Can anyone shed some light on this ?

For some reason my PC is switching its self off, it has happened twice today.
I will go away and do something, then come back and the PC is off, very strange. Any ideas ???

BTW, I leave my PC on 24/7.


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if you go into control panel and then power options, make sure your hard disc and monitor are not set to shut down after a set period.
There are potentially hundreds of things that could cause this. In the "System" settings in the Control Panel (Advanced > Startup & Recovery Settings) you can instruct your PC to display exactly what has caused the crash.
If you choose "complete system dump" it'll be displayed on screen, or you can look at the log file.

It might be a software driver (in which case a file ending .sys will get a mention) or it could be something as obscure as a fault on a stick of RAM.

Whatever is mentioned, I'd search google for the message given, verbatim.
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OK thanks
could be so clogged with dust that the cpu is not getting enough air to stay cool and the computer is shutting down to prevent damage.

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PC switching off

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